Weight equipment with safety bars

The TITAN machines are the most robust and reliable strength training equipment with heavy-duty construction and the system provides several security features for safe weight training.

Home gym - full and satisfying workout

Home weight training equipment requires substantial compliance with several conditions that the user needs to perform a full and satisfying workout. The most important feature of home gym equipment is the small area of occupied space in relation to the workout machine capabilities. And so the equipment must provide the greatest amount of useful exercises at the same time the least used area. The Titan certainly meets this feature. Another important feature that distinguishes the TITAN home fitness equipment is the cleverly thought out simplicity of the technical solutions that help to reduce the maximum time between changeover in individual exercises.

Bodybuilding with home workout equipment

When you buy the machine you receive TITAN Multi-functional home workout equipment, which can realize the complete training necessary to build a dream figure. The Titan is the only machine that offers all of the most useful exercises that allow you to train all muscle groups. With the versatility of this machine you do not need any other strength training equipment for your home gym. The TITAN weight equipment has a sliding bench with an adjustable seat and backrest angle that can perform all free weight or smith-type exercises. Thanks to upper and lower lift and additional options A, A1 and W, you can do all the exercises with the cables. This professional smith machine has a standard vertical and seated leg press on it and an additional option B allows you to perform exercises for all parts of the leg muscles as well as all the possible exercises with the Titan for other muscle groups.

Workout equipment with ultimate design

The engineering and design of the Titan has been the result of considerable time and effort to provide a workout equipment with the construction of a tank and a silky smooth performance.

The highest quality used to produce workout machine

The highest quality stainless steel was used to build this pro home gym as well as high grade upholstery, wheels, and cables. Our equipment is provided with a guarantee from the manufacturer and distributor.